MOSAIC is a dynamic lifestyle expression that provides a framework for fully engaged living.

MOVEMENT Exercise, Dance, Sport...our bodies were designed to move and the rewards for an active lifestyle are reflected in body, mind, and spirit.

OUTREACH Giving of ourselves, our time and talent, benefits others and returns a dividend in the form of happiness and sense of purpose.

SOCIAL We don’t just enjoy one another, we need one another. Frequent engagement with others promotes emotional and mental health and enhances longevity.

ARTS Humans are hard-wired to crave beauty. The visual and performing arts give us an outlet for creativity – for making or appreciating art.

INTELLECTUAL Never stop learning. Staying mentally active is a critical component of active aging. Challenging ourselves with new ideas sharpens the mind.

CURIOSITY The freedom to explore may be the most rewarding aspect of retirement – being able to follow your inquisitive mind down whichever path it leads.