Living the MOSAIC Lifestyle at Ovation at Riverwalk

At Ovation at Riverwalk, our residents live vibrant, engaging lifestyles. From their careers and volunteerism to their hobbies, and lifelong learning, they are always exploring, pursuing new opportunities and so much more. With our MOSAIC lifestyle and programming, we are excited to support a fully engaged lifestyle, and also to provide more boundless opportunities to enjoy each day. 

According to Ovation at Riverwalk’s Director of Community Relations, Michele Schreck, Ovation at Riverwalk’s MOSAIC lifestyle will offer a catalog of programming that will ensure residents will discover new, exciting opportunities. “There truly will be something for everyone,” she states. “From an array of lectures and discussions to concerts, classes, celebrations and so much more, residents will be engaged, inspired and empowered to age successfully.” 

What to Expect with a MOSAIC Lifestyle

Our MOSAIC philosophy consists of six fundamental tenets around which we have built our lifestyle philosophy. These include movement, outreach, social opportunities, the arts, intellectual experiences and ways to embrace your curiosity. Within each of these fundamental elements, our residents can find an array of things to do, explore and discover.

MOVEMENT Each day, residents will enjoy an array of ways to get fit, move their bodies and live well. Enjoy time with our personal trainer, spend time in our fitness center and gym, dive into our indoor pool, take a new class, try out yoga or let us know what you’d like to. We’re always up to finding new ways to enhance well-being. 

OUTREACH Giving back to others, whether through our time or talents, is something we believe in. Mentor a local college student, volunteer downtown, lead a discussion group, share your talents. Not only can this provide a bigger sense of purpose, but it leads to increased happiness. 

SOCIAL Residents can enjoy constant engagement at Ovation at Riverwalk. Whether it’s lounging by the fire in the evening with good friends, having a dinner date in our piano bar, or a drink and watching the game with your neighbors in the sports lounge or engaging in one of our many programs, socialization is crucial for health and well-being. 

ARTS Whether you make or appreciate art, there will always be something to enjoy at Ovation at Riverwalk. Enjoy our show kitchen and discover the art of cooking, secure theater tickets, try out the newest local restaurant or enjoy a concert. 

INTELLECTUAL Never stop learning! We provide an array of classes, lifelong learning opportunities and experiences to help challenge and sharpen the mind, ensuring an active, healthy mind.

CURIOSITY When a worry-free and service-rich lifestyle combines with an enriching experience, residents can enjoy even more freedom to explore. Follow your inquisitive mind wherever it goes. Take a trip, explore the arts, spend time in the city, learn something brand new. The possibilities abound. 

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Uncover a New Era in Active Adult Living.

Located in Plainsboro, near the campus of Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center, Ovation at Riverwalk offers age-restricted living curated by you. As a rental community, active adults can enjoy a lifestyle of artful adventure free from the worries and stress of house ownership, allowing them to focus on living the life they want.

Ovation is a community supporting the desires of today’s active adults: sophisticated living featuring stunning interior designs; bright, open apartments; grand community spaces; expansive outdoor living; innovative culinary experiences; and a catalog of interesting programming that dares you to explore. Simply put, Ovation is a place you can live the sophisticated, high-end resort lifestyle you want, with the freedom to create a life as individual as you are. 

It’s 55+, plus a whole lot more!

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