Things Every Adventurous Adult Needs to do This Summer in the Greater Princeton Area

There is so much to explore and discover in the world, and no matter your age, there’s something for everyone if you only look! Ovation’s Director of Community Relations, Michele Schreck says that at Ovation at Riverwalk, residents seek any opportunity they can to experience fun, excitement and adventure. “Our future residents want to constantly learn something new, enjoy new experiences and see everything there is to see,” she says. “Whether traveling abroad, visiting the city or even taking in everything that’s offered within the Greater Princeton Area, they are never disappointed.” 

If you or a loved one are looking for some fun summer opportunities, the Greater Princeton area is the perfect place to look. Full of educational opportunities, historical sites, the arts and more, those of all ages and interests can experience the adventure they desire.

Adventure is Out There: Things Every Adventurous Adult Should Try in the Greater Princeton Area

  • Try a new restaurant. Do you usually stick to the same old restaurants when you go out to eat? Kick away that habit for the day and try somewhere new that you usually wouldn’t look twice at. The Princeton area is full of different dining venues, from pubs and grills to inns and more, your taste buds can travel the world without leaving the area. 
  • Sip back, relax and paint the afternoon away. Grab your closest friends for an afternoon out at Princeton Pinot’s Palette. Drink some wine and get creative as you enjoy a guided painting experience. 
  • Enjoy a comedy show. Get laughing at one of the area’s comedy clubs. Feeling a little more adventurous? Why not take the stage? At Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory Comedy Club, you can try your hand at Stand Up!
  • Spend time in the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy golf, tennis, biking, kayaking or horseback riding, there are plenty of opportunities to try something new. Go paddle boating in the Marina, try an outdoor yoga class or enjoy a sporting event! 
  • Enjoy a taste of Italy. While there are plenty of Italian restaurants in the area, we don’t mean go eat! Instead, visit the Grape Escapefor a balsamic or olive oil bottling experience or learn how to make wine, mozzarella or ravioli! 
  • Take in the arts. The Greater Princeton area boasts some of the best theatres, museums and gardens. Attend one of the many arts festivals, see a ballet, spend the day at a local museum, attend an opera or learn more about Princeton’s history. 

All of this and more awaits you in the Princeton area. “It’s clear why our residents love this area,” says Schreck. “Their days are always full of places to go, opportunities to volunteer and adventure. The possibilities of each day are endless and there seems to be something new to try each day. We truly love this area and encourage everyone to come visit!”

At Ovation at Riverwalk, we can help you live the luxury concierge lifestyle that allows you to enjoy adventure each and every day. Experience our lifestyle, services and amenities and more for yourself with a tour. Call 609-389-9566 for information today!

Uncover a New Era in Active Adult Living.

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